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Full House Service

The perfect service to get the whole house cleaned – prices based on a number of bedrooms/studies in your home. Please select a “Spring Clean” if your home has not been cleaned thoroughly for over a month.

Hourly Rate

If you are looking for a couple of hours housework here and there then this is for you. Excellent cleaning at affordable prices. The minimum time is 2 hours, and we can be very flexible with the clean

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Are you looking for a regular cleaner?
We offer some great discounts for regular services.

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Just Right Maids | Professional Home Cleaning Services NJ

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Frequently asked questions & Prices

How does it work?

Our hourly rate service is a time-based service, so there is not a fixed list of what is and is not included. Our cleaners will do as much as they can in the time that is booked, and we can be 100% flexible with the work we do. The hourly rate service is perfect if you want specific areas of your house cleaned. Please note, our cleaners will always prioritize cleaning to a high standard over rushing and trying to complete too much too quickly.

  • Cleaning rates are determined by the layout, the size of the space (square footage), rooms to be cleaned. This is why we offer a free consultation of your home/business/office.
  • It depends on the category you choose for cleaning.  We offer a Deluxe Cleaning on an initial, maintain weekly, biweekly, every three weeks and monthly cleanings.  We also offer cleaning of just floors or Bath and Kitchen only.
  • Payable by check
  • Payable by cash placed inside an envelope
  • Payable by credit or debit card over the phone
  • Payable by Venmo or Paypal
  • Payable by online invoice
Partial Cleaning or Hourly Service One Time Visit
One Time Cleaning Square fit Price
Apartment or Studio 1000 sq ft $115
Home or Apartment 1001- 1500 sq ft $145
Home or Apartment 1501- 2000 sq ft $175
Home or Apartment 2001 – 2500 sq ft $199
Home or Apartment 2501 – 3000 sq ft $220
Home 3001- 3500 sq ft $250
Home 3501 – 4000 sq ft $270
Home 4001 – 4500 sq ft $295
Home 4501- 5000 sq ft $315
Home 5001- 5500 sq ft $335
Home 5501- 6000 sq ft $365
Home 6001 – 6500 sq ft $395
Home 6501 – 7000 sq ft $425
Carpet Cleaning
Rooms Prices
2 rooms $99
3 rooms $120
4 rooms $135
5 rooms $150
Carpet Protection $20
Carpet Deodorization $20
Customize Extras
Extras Price
Inside Oven $39
Inside Fridge $35
Inside / Outside Cabinets $15
Interior Windows and Blinds $25
Carpet Cleaning $99 (up to 2 rooms)
Carpet Cleaning $120 (up to 3 rooms)
Carpet Cleaning $135 (up to 4 rooms)
Clean all doors and Sanitize Door Knobs $35
Sweep Garage $40
Fold Loads of Laundry $15
Hours of Organizing $50 extra
Move In or Out / Deep Clean $40

My Home Cleaned My Way

One rewarding relationship we will happily celebrate



Our flat rate services are results based on cleans and do not depend on time limits like our hourly rates. We will perform the checklist of tasks that correspond to the service you have booked + any extras selected until all items have been cleaned to our (very high!) standards.

Because these are results-based cleans, we do not set fixed time limits on the services. We do however give our cleaning teams estimates to assist with the planning of services. These estimates are just guidelines, and we allow the teams to work at harder (and faster) intensities if they are able.

Our Fair Go policy states that on the rare occasions that our estimates are incorrect, we will clean for up to 25% longer than the given estimated time, however if a property requires more time and work than that, extra charges may apply. We will always get in touch with you before making any changes to your service and confirm any extra charges before proceeding.